Extraordinary customer support is the best tool to ensure loyal customers, who will remain loyal to your brand, as long as your strategies are not changed. When customers get attached to a product, they believe totally in it and even if the marketplace changes and they are given better deals elsewhere, they firmly believe in the strategies which they have grown attached to.

Hence the loyal customer is naturally at a higher level than the satisfied customer. So, as soon as you have a satisfied customer, nurture his potential and develop a plan to upgrade him to a loyal customer. At this stage you have to give him extraordinary customer support, because otherwise he will just move to your competitor with the click of a mouse.

Your business can be a success only with the help of loyal customers. Just give them the extraordinary customer support by creating customer service strategies and shape new policies. Isn’t it important to contemplate what a customer thinks about your company? His thought process and attachment to your business is mainly connected to his experience when he contacts you. After all he becomes your customer only if you provide good quality service, and remains with you forever if you impart extraordinary customer support.

There are several e-Books which provide guidance on how the contact center in an online business is a very important part of the enterprise and how you can build up services to promote superior customer experience. There are several ways to make your processes more intelligent and introduce the best practices, trends and innovations to help people to be more productive and be able to satisfy customers totally.

Several companies have introduced solutions to help internet business holders strengthen customer relationships with outstanding service. The solution helps you to exceed or at least meet customer service demands with an interface which is easy to use. It has high-tech searching capabilities and amazing features allowing escalation. In this way the issues of the customer can be resolved with immediate effect.

The solution provides tools to the businessman which makes his job simpler. Each and every interaction of the customer can be tracked which enables you to have the most updated and completed information from the customers. The tools enable you to see the customers’ call histories, purchases, escalation histories, e-mails, interactions plus all documents that have been sent and/or received. This is very useful for the service representatives to provide extraordinary customer support and they can then resolve service issues of the customers efficiently and effectively.

Dell is one of the largest computer and consumer electronics manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, It has made huge strides in the past few years in its area of expertise. One of the key things that have helped Dell to achieve the status it has today is its excellent online customer support. Dell is known around the world for its outstanding after sales support both offline and online and sometimes one of the key reasons for people to buy it. It has received many awards for the same.

The warranty and insurance services as well as the on-premise support options work great but the first level of help that a Dell customer gets is from online support at its website i.e. : http://www.dell.com/support. This website helps the users to find useful information related to the product they own, in form of frequently asked questions, articles, published manuals, expert advice, tips and tricks etc. All of this information is neatly arranged and searchable by a very efficient search engine. The text is easy to understand and contains illustrations when needed. Apart from that, customer also can leverage the benefit of the Dell's large online community forum where other customers and experts of Dell can exchange ideas and solutions for quick help.

A customer can also opt for real time online chat to quickly resolve problems in case of an emergency as well as can register for receiving a call from a Dell representative for a very personalized assistance experience in solving the problem. Most of the queries are answered within 24 hours and that is saying something.

All Dell computers and devices come with a unique identifier called the Service Tag. It's an alpha-numeric code mostly found at the bottom of the device. This tag is used by the support website to uniquely identify the system and provide accurate support options for that particular machine. The drivers and downloads section is a very good example of this. When identified by the service tag, it automatically shows the most recent versions of software and drivers available for the device along with a comparison with the versions that were originally shipped and let the user downloads them easily as individual files or as a download batch.

One of the unique software that Dell provides as an addendum to online support website is Dell Support Centre. This software allows easy, wizard based, step by step operations to solve common problems by the customer himself before looking anywhere else for help. It also periodically displays critical and recommended alerts, on user's consent, from the Dell website about updates and other important information.