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Dear Friend,

The global economy has been writhing in agony.  Unemployment is up. Foreclosures are at catastrophic levels. The fear for the future is palpable.  These are tough times for so many people and many others who haven't yet experienced the pain of this economic gut-punch are bracing themselves for it.

But something amazing is happening.  It's almost too good to be true.  While millions tighten their belts and cut back on expenditures as a defensive measure, others are prospering.

That's right.  They're prospering.

No, we're not talking about short sellers or bonus-baby CEOs who found a way to escape from the scene of the crime on a golden parachute while carrying a briefcase of cash.

Regular people are making more money than they ever have before.  These are people who now earn more than they did when they were "safely" working for big-name companies.

What separates these trend-buckers from those who remain terrified or who have already suffered at the hands of this global recession?

The winners in today's rough and tumble economy aren't the folks working for Fortune 500 firms.  They're not the brick and mortar merchants;  

The big winners are the people who are using proven Internet marketing tools and business models to generate healthy incomes online.  They're building businesses that continue to function and even to thrive during these challenging times.

Are you jealous yet?

If not, you might find yourself feeling that way when you hear more.

These entrepreneurs aren't just grabbing cash with both hands.  They're also living the kind of lifestyles about which most of us dream.

They don't answer to some lousy manager.  They don't punch in at a time clock every day.  They control their time and how to use it.  They decide whether they want to put in a few extra hours and they don't have to get someone else's "okay" when they want to put work on the backburner to be with their families.

They don't just have money.  They have freedom and independence.

Are you part of this success movement or are you still watching the news with one eye closed and your fingers crossed?

Look, job security is a joke these days.  The most powerful and seemingly stable companies in the world are cutting jobs by the hundreds of thousands every single month.  Unless you own the biz, you could be gone before you know it.  Even if you do stay, you can't expect any big raises, can you?

If you're not doing something different, the best you can hope for right now is to tread water.

And treading water just leaves you struggling in place.

Maybe you can do that.  Maybe you can hang on until things start to warm up again. Just remember that you do have a very attractive alternative.

You can make money online.  Although some Internet marketers have suffered minor setbacks during this downturn, most haven't felt the pinch at all.  In fact, many are doing better than ever before.

What are they doing?

The folks who are experiencing high incomes and high levels of individual freedom aren't reinventing the wheel.  Sure, they're applying their own creativity to their situations, but they're not all genius with rock scientist IQs or amazing "out of the box" thinkers.  

The secret to their success isn't even a secret.

They are using tested, proven tools to implement proven online marketing models.

That's it.


And that's GOOD NEWS.  Because if they can do it, so can you.  Period.

* Are you looking for something better than what you have?  Of course.  You need something that...

* Will provide more income, making your life easier.

* Will give you a chance to adopt a better lifestyle.

* Will put you in the driver's seat, giving you the chance to make decisions and to be your own boss.

* Will turn off the time clock, allowing you  to finally control your own time.


Those things are within your reach. All of them. You can be your own boss and you can do it profitably.  Internet marketing is a great way to reach your goals--if you know how to make it work.

That leaves you with a mission to complete...

You need to get your hands on those tools.  You need the blueprints that lead to successful online businesses..

You could try to amass that information by trial and error.  That might work.  It would take you a an exceedingly long period of time to do so.  And you'd probably stumble along the way.

The better method?

Tools and Models for the Internet Marketer!

Tools and Models for the Internet Marketer is a new guide to Internet marketing.  It doesn't follow the norm.  It doesn't offer another small trick or scheme that could only help an already-functioning business.  Instead, it focuses on providing the kind of big picture education you need to rapidly make your mark in this exciting segment of the economy.

Tools and Models for the Internet Marketer is your ticket to something different. Something better.  This thick guide demystifies Internet marketing. It provides a rock-solid examination of core IM strategies, examining all of the component pieces and how they fit together.

Look at just a fraction of what Tools and Models for the Internet Marketer covers:

* Root principles that underlying all successful marketing.

* How affiliate marketing can fit into your plans and how to use it to your advantage.

* The ins and outs of successfully working from home.

* Earning as a product creator..

* Utilizing tools like public label rights content to get moving quickly.

* The inside scoop on perfect pricing and how it can make you a fortune..


Tools and Models for the Internet Marketer will show you the tools and models that work.   

There are a million and one Internet marketing products out there, but most of them are just going to provide you with a look at a few discrete, individual details.  .
Tools and Models for the Internet Marketer is going to put them together for you.

When you look at the price tags on some of those other, limited guides and resources, you'd probably think that Tools and Models for the Internet Marketer would cost a fortune.  

It doesn't.  Right now, you can get Tools and Models for the Internet Marketer for a special price of only:

ONLY $27.00

Think about what it will mean to you to have an understanding of the tools and models that are producing great results--even during tough times? Consider your goals and how much closer you'll finally be to reaching them.

Tools and Models for the Internet Marketer is there to help, and it's only:





Our Guarantee:

100% Satisfaction!

That's right. Tools and Models for the Internet Marketer is completely guaranteed. I believe that you'll find such tremendous value in this powerhouse research that I'm willing to give you every last penny of your money back, no questions asked, if you're not completely satisfied.  

That makes Tools and Models for the Internet Marketer a risk-free proposition for you--a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get a grip on the world of Internet marketing.

Secure your copy of Tools and Models for the Internet Marketer now.


Sincerely yours,

Debbie St. George

PS:  Things may be changing out there, but they're not necessarily changing for the better.  If we've learned anything this year it's that we can't bet on the old ways to keep things going.  We need to harness new technology and communication techniques.  We've seen that those who have aren't married to the old ways succeed beyond anyone's expectations.  

PPS:  Remember that I completely guarantee Tools and Models for the Internet Marketer.  There's no risk associated with your purchase. If you're ready to finally break through to reach your Internet marketing goals, you simply can't pass on this comprehensive resource!




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