PLR products are an easy, cheap (even free) way to build an online business for yourself. These PLR products such as articles and e-books are already made for you and you have very little to do with them to sell tem on and make money from them. Here are just a few ways to grow an online business and make good money from PLR products.

You can buy or find free PLR products which you can the resell to your customers without doing a single thing to them. You just have to make sure that you have the resell rights to the PLR products that you are selling, but that will be obvious from wherever you get your PLR products. This is by far the easiest way to make money with PLR products and you can cut out work completely by only going for PLR products which already have a ready-made sales page. You then just upload the PLR product to its own website or at least to its own dedicated page within your larger website.

You can also collate several PLR products into one product, such as combining articles into an e-book and sell that. Of course, if you are going to do this, you will be offering a unique product for which the sales page will not already exist, so you will have to write your own. However, you can find templates to make the writing of a sales letter very easy. Alternatively, you can employ a ghostwriter to compose the sales letter for you for less money than you might fear.

You have the rights to edit and change PLR products however you wish, and this can have great potential for your ability to use to further your online business. You can edit them so that they are tailored to the needs of your target group. You can find out more details of these needs by maintaining a good mailing list and communicating with the people on it in order to find out exactly what they want to know. Of course, you will need to re-title the PLR products which you have edited.

You can also resell these edited information products as PLR products too. If people are allowed to use these information products, change these and sell them on themselves, you will find that people are much more willing to pay for them. If you wish, you can add even more value to your product by offering resell rights to them, along with the product. If you are willing to do this, you can of course charge more money for it. This way, you may also find that you can widen your target audience to your fellow internet marketers. This requires a little more work and thought as you will have to give your customers the file in Word or text format but also in PDF format so they can sell it on without having to do much work, or any at all.

So, you can see that there are several ways in which you can increase sales and increase profits with PLR products.


Simply put, you need backend products to get maximum profits from PLR products because this will allow you to get the most business out of your existing customers. Turn them into even more loyal clients by offering them a range of back end products which they buy from you. It’s the simplest and most effective way for you to increase the profits from PLR products.

What is a backend product?

The ‘front end’ package is the original product that a customer buys. You can then make more money from them through them upgrading their original purchase, and there is some more profit to be made from these upgrades. These occur at the time of the original sale: for instance by getting people to buy a series of PLR products on the same topic, to give them a deeper knowledge of the subject. You can also get more creative with the backend products you offer; for instance, if your original information product is an ebook on how play poker, you could also put out a backend product which is a on more advanced poker strategies.

The way to get maximum profits from PLR is first to identify your market and offer this target group a product that they need. Then get traffic to your website or wherever else you sell your PLR products from. Once there, sell them more backend products, and then duplicate the whole process all over again with a different PLR product, perhaps in another niche.

There are three ways to duplicate your PLR product business. You can repeat all the steps above to build a second business. You can expand horizontally to offer products which are related to your first PLR subject, as in the Poker example given above. You can also expand your PLR business vertically to offer a series of unrelated products and services to the same target group, because of course everyone has more than one need.

Basically, you then apply the knowledge you have learned from building up your first PLR business either into new markets, or to provide more products to the niche market you’ve already discovered. You’ll have the time and energy to this because you’ll have learned all the strategies that have allowed you to put your first online business pretty much on auto-pilot. This will allow you to get multiple streams of income because that’s the best, easiest and fastest way to make a profit, and it means also that you are more likely to be able to sustain your PLR business way into the future.

There are several reasons why you may want to duplicate your past successes. First – eventually, there will be no more profit to squeeze out of your original business. Keep it going, of course, and eke out the odd thousand or so – but why be satisfied with that alone when you could DOUBLE your income?

Duplication allows you make massive profits from PLR products, time after time.