If you are selling information products to a particular niche market, building a membership site may be just the way to make people feel special and so entice them to buy from you. A membership site may be a very good option for you. Remember – information is most valuable when it’s only available to a limited number of people. It’s true – it’s why art snobbery exists!

Selling information over the internet is big business nowadays. What you can do is sell subscriptions to online content at your membership site which is then password protected. This is a popular online business because it’s fast and easy to set up, with the right tools. It also costs very little to set up and run. Pay-for-content is the newest and now the hottest way to make money online. Business information, match-making and entertainment are the most lucrative niches but even much smaller and more specialized niches are bringing in great profits for people.

Membership sites give you an impressive residual income, as almost three-quarters of members renew their membership. The great thing about PLR products is that people can buy them from you and then sell them on themselves if you give them re-branding rights. That means they are more likely to buy it from you because they also can use it to make money.

The thing to be aware of with building a membership site for PLR products. Bear in mind what we’ve said about people remaining loyal to their subscriptions; they’ll stick with you – and year on year, subscription charges are rising; that’s great news for you if this is your online business.

So what do I need for my own membership subscription site?

There are four main things you need to make your membership subscription site do well and make you good profits, just like any other online business.

The right target market

Try to find a subject which people feel strongly about; this can be a hobby, a sport, a car…anything so long as people will want to learn about it and talk about it. That means they will come to your website. Do a keyword search to find out if the niche you’re thinking of looks like it will be big enough to sustain your PLR products website and make sure it does not have too much competition from already established websites; remember, people are loyal to their subscriptions so unlikely to move to you unless you offer a tempting unique selling point.

A unique selling point

If potential subscribers can find the same PLR products online for free as you’re offering them, then common-sense tells you that they’re unlikely to want to pay you for it, so you won’t get subscribers; just like with any online business, your conversion rate will be poor and your information product business will be in trouble.

You should do your homework and search both online and offline to make sure that the content that you are trying to sell is not given away anywhere for free.

Finding subscribers

If you’ve got your target market right, it’s not as difficult as you might think to get subscribers. You just need to get your search engine optimisation correct and advertise your website through article marketing, blogging etc.

Tools or services

Remember that people loving something for nothing. Try to match your freebies with your information products you want to sell; so give people a taster of what’s in your Members’ Area. Give them reason to subscribe and get into the Members’ Area. Show them that by subscribing they can get good quality information products.

It's easy to find free Private Label Rights online. Just type the term "free private label rights" into just about any search engine and you will soon be tripping over countless sites offering you hundreds, even thousands of free PLR articles and ebooks. And, usually, all you have to do is sign up for a mailing list, for which you're promised even more free PLR content.

But how much is this free PLR really worth? Is it as good a deal as it seems? Or are you getting what you're paying for?

Lack of Quality

Some free PLR content is as good as PLR content you pay for. But, with some free PLR, you will find that the quality of the writing is lacking. When reading some free Private Label Rights content, it soon becomes clear that English probably isn't the native language of the writer. And, even if it is, the content might still be filled with spelling mistakes and grammar errors.

Bad Information

When someone offers you 10,000 free PLR articles, you have to wonder where they got them all from. Well it's unlikely the person offering them wrote all of those articles themselves. And they probably didn't hire someone to write them for them either. No, in many cases, the articles in those packs are free PLR articles that they found themselves. Many of them are several years old. And, depending on the topic, the facts can be severely out of date.

In some free PLR, it's not that the facts are out of date. They were never considered correct by anyone to begin with. In these cases, the writer didn't do any actual research. They were simply trying to write something fast that sounded like it could be true, and didn't actually care how factual it was. Or maybe they just wrote what they heard or believe without bothering to fact check.

In either case, posting outdated or inaccurate articles on your blog or website can hurt your credibility.

Everyone Has Them

Even if free PLR content is well written, factual, and filled with good information, you have to consider the fact that the are freely available to everyone. If you found a site giving away thousands of free PLR articles, chances are several thousand other people did too. And, since the content is free, those thousands of people will feel few qualms about taking it.

On the other hand, when you buy paid PLR content, there is often a limit to how many other people that content will be sold to. And, even if there's no limit, you can still bet that fewer people will have rights to paid content than to free PLR content.

There is nothing inherently wrong with free private label rights content. But be sure to use it with caution.