An eBook sales page is a web page designed to generate sales of your eBook. The sales page is an important page of selling your product. The sales page is usually a long copy sales letter that is addressed to your prospective customers on a web site. In this sales letter, your customer will have a few options; they can read your sales letter and learn what your eBook is all about, they can click the “Order Now” button and place their order or they can just leave the page altogether. Now you obviously want them to purchase your product but at the very least you want them to read your sales letter so they are enticed by your product. So making your sales page attractive and enticing is extremely critical in your future sales.

There are 7 parts to an eBook sales page. They are the Pre-Head, the Headline, the Sub-Head, the Lead, the Photo and Biography, the Body Copy and The Closing. The Pre-Head is found at the top of every sales page. It is basically a tag line that says who you are and that you are a reliable author. Your Pre-Head could say something like “Your Name, the top seller in her company for 8 years in a row” or “Your Name, award winning chef in the region for the second year in a row.” The Headline must strong and give your customers that big promise and it must have an emotional appeal. The Sub-Head is the line that will grab the reader’s attention. The Sub-Head expands on the headline to draw the read to begin reading the copy. The Lead is the most crucial part of the sales copy. It is the text that runs from the beginning where you salutation starts to the first sub-head of the letter. Then there is your photo and bio. Having your picture as part of your sales page will help your customers put a name to a face. This goes a long way when deciding if the client will purchase your product or not. As far as your biography section, keep it professional. The Body is where you will communicate to your customers all the great benefits they will get from purchasing your eBook. Whether your book is about grooming dogs, reducing stress or 30-minute meals, tell them exactly what is in it for them. The Closing is the end of the letter where you lure your clients to purchase your product. In your closing, you need to include the money back guarantee, the price and asking your customers to make a purchase. Give your customers an incentive like a free report with their purchase.

If you buy or find free private label rights (PLR) information product, basically you will acquire the rights to use, edit or remove or add to the content of that PLR article, e-book, course, report etc in any way you please. You will also be able to re-brand this PLR article so that it appears that you were the original author. This is a very cheap way to get internet content. It is even cheaper than hiring a ghost writer to do the work for you.

PLR products are sold cheaply because they are sold to many people. That is great because it make sit much easier for you to be able to afford the content. However, you have to keep in mind the wholesale nature of PLR products if you are going to make the best use of them and so maximize the money that you make out of their use.

First - once you get some PLR products, it is a good idea to run it through Copyscape and DupeCop, both of which are free internet-based programs which you can easily access, in order to find which websites have content which matches the PLR products you have just bought or got for free. Then, you can start to adapt the PLR product so it fits your website more specifically and effectively becomes a unique product. This is a whole lot easier to do if you make sure you get a good quality PLR product in the first place. It’s not always a great idea to go for cheap or free PLR products, for this very reason.

In adapting the content of PLR products you can adapt a variety of methods. You can cut up e-books into a series or articles; you can switch the target group to which the articles are aimed; you can add or delete content; you can collate a series of articles into an e-book, etc. The choice is yours and you can probably think of more ideas. If possible, try to add value by improving the product of the PLR product.

You should make sure that your PLR products are optimized for certain keywords so that search engines will bring traffic to them. You should also be careful to add links to the PLR products at pertinent points. These links should bring people directly to your website or maybe even a specific sales page from which you are selling another product. Just be careful to follow any article directory rules about the placing of links, if this is where you intend to use your PLR products.

You can of course, make further money from your PLR products by adducing in any affiliate links you may have for relevant products. PLR products are a great way to promote affiliate products.

Using the tips above should enable you to get good PLR products and use them well to get the maximum amount of profit from them.