Whether you're leading a classroom full of students through various team building exercises or you just want to refresh your corporate employees on the value of teamwork and strength in numbers, there are a variety of team building resources to consider. Fortunately, regardless of the activities you have planned, it's not difficult to find the resources you need. Here are a few suggestions on what to look for.


One of the first team building resources that any seminar leader needs is a plan book. This book includes a basic schedule regarding the activities you plan to do. Also included are a few back up activities that may come in handy should one game not generate the desired response. Other aspects to include in your plan book include discussion topics and inspirational quotes. When it comes to keeping your group organized and productive, a plan book is one of your most crucial team building resources.


Do you plan on enjoying any athletic team building games? If so, there may be a few tools you'll need. These include various balls for catching games, objects for relay races, and a bag of interesting things to hide when playing scavenger hunts. Of course, this list varies depending on what activity you plan on doing.


Another example of primary team building resources includes a few pamphlets and syllabi you'll want to hand out to your group. This includes a mission statement regarding the seminar, a list of activities, an explanation for each one, and perhaps some information regarding the overall aspect of team building and how it can benefit you. Again, depending on the activities you plan on doing, you may want to include objects such as small notebooks for your team to take notes in or write down answers to questions with. Another common example of team building resources is a projector. These are useful for displaying notes, pictures, photographs, power point presentations, and more.


These are only a few team building resources to consider when arranging a team building seminar. Keep in mind that the team building resources you'll need may vary depending on the subject of your seminar, the age group of your team, and other factors. Regardless of what you end up choosing, sound planning will work wonders in making sure you have everything you need to instruct and educate. Learn more today about what resources you should consider when planning a team building seminar.


There are few things better than learning by example. Whether you're a teacher in a classroom who has concerns about how your students are behaving in a group or you're concerned about how your employees are interacting together, sometimes a few team building quotes are an ideal way to inspire. Here are a few suggestions to consider when looking for team building quotes.


A classic way to find team building quotes is to look throughout history. Whether your favorite team building quotes originate from charismatic presidents during wartime, famous inventors, or established religious figures, there are plenty of things we can certainly learn from history. Whether or not any specific quote applies to your specific situation depends entirely on your perspective.


Another great place to find team building quotes is in literature. There are thousands of books, fiction and nonfiction, that offer up countless quotes about courage, teamwork, perseverance, and other inspiring concepts. Just be sure that the material you choose isn't too highbrow or lowbrow for your crowd. After all, there's little point in choosing literature based team building quotes if your group doesn't know the concept behind them.


Are you a religious based corporation? If so, drawing team building quotes from your religious text of choice is a great way to strengthen and inspire you group. Whether you choose quotes from the bible, the Torah, the Qur'an, or other texts, you are doing more than just reminding your group that they are capable of working together and solving problems—you are also reminding them that their deity of choice is on their side.


These are only a few sources you can consider when looking up team building quotes. Others include quotes from famous writers, artists, and poets regarding creativity, criticism, coping, and more. Regardless of your situation, you are bound to find a few quotes that benefit you.


Once you've found your team building quotes, it's time to apply them. You can do this by displaying them prominently throughout your classroom or workplace. Many corporations prefer using motivational posters, combining the power and authority of a quote with a motivating stock photo. Whether you choose to use posters or simply the text itself, you're sure to make quite a statement.


The power that team building quotes have over your students or employees will be immediately apparent. During times of stress, apathy, or boredom, they will be able to glance up, read the quote, and find a bit more strength to carry on with the group. Learn more today about how team building quotes can benefit you.