You’ll no doubt try many promotional techniques before you find the ones that work for you. Many of the best promotional strategies are completely free while you may pay for others. You may find that some of them work best for some websites and that others work best for other websites. In order to discover what works best, you’ll need to do some testing.

Split Test for Success

Split testing various aspects of your promotional strategies can net you valuable information that you can use to boost your profits. Say you have a salespage or sales letter. Regardless of how well it is or isn’t converting, create another one exactly like it with one major difference. Change the headline. That’s all you need to do to perform this test. Of course, you might want to change other aspects of your ads or sales letters through separate tests. It can be as simple as including or deleting a “Buy Now” button or modifying part of your offer.

You can split test almost any promotional techniques you use. Change your signature line in forum posts to see which one gets you more clicks. Offer a free bonus with your product in one ad and don’t offer it in another to see which one makes the sale. You can also play around with colors, fonts, and graphics to see how those changes affect your sales.

Test and Retest AdSense Ads

Split testing is popular with AdSense sites because the placement, size, and color of the ads can make a huge difference. If you’re running AdSense ads on any of your sites, you can find a wealth of information about promoting your AdSense sites and everything to do with AdSense online. Unfortunately, though, it may be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff because the success meter of AdSense sites varies greatly. What doesn’t work for one marketer may work very well for another one and vice versa. You will probably have to experiment quite a bit to find what works best for you. A word of caution: When experimenting with AdSense, always make sure you follow the Terms and Conditions to the letter or you may risk having your AdSense sites banned altogether.


While there are many Internet marketers that run successful Pay Per Click campaigns, don’t jump into paid advertising of any kind until you know exactly what you are doing. There are very specific strategies and techniques when it comes to bidding on keywords and having to pay every time those targeted ads are clicked. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could begin your Internet marketing career in the red. Before you spend a lot of money on any of the fee based promotional strategies, get your feet wet with the free ones first. That way, when you do pay for advertising, you’ll have a much better idea of what you can expect and you’ll know much more about ad placement and a variety of advertising and promotional techniques.