This is the type of course that is given away for free and is used to educate the public on some aspect of your niche. You can write these yourself or outsource the work but there are several important factors you must take into consideration in order to create a successful, profit boosting ecourse.

Most ecourses run 5, 7, or 10 days and are delivered into the recipient’s email inbox on a daily basis. Most Internet marketers use an autoresponder service for this, especially if they have hundreds or thousands of respondents. Each email builds on the previous one to teach about some aspect of your niche. For example, if you are an expert on dog training, your ecourse might cover such subjects as “How to Housetrain Your New Puppy” or “Obedience Training Made Easy.”

Lay off the Hard Sell Tactics

Your ecourse is not the place to employ hard sell tactics. Instead, provide your readers with valuable information that will brand you as an expert. Build their trust as they proceed along in the course so that by the time they have finished the ecourse, or perhaps even before, they will be visiting your site and purchasing whatever it is that you are selling. Perhaps you are selling an ebook on dog training or a dog training kit. Use the ecourse as a teaser that makes your readers want more. Either more information, as in the case of an ebook, or if you are selling supplies that will aid in dog training, use the ecourse as a launching pad that will build excitement so that by the time they are finished with the course, they feel they must have what you are selling.

Pay Attention to Email Subject Lines

Even though your readers have signed up to receive your ecourse, there is no guarantee they will open each day’s email and read it. A good proportion of them will simply be ignored or deleted without ever having been read. People are busy and overrun with emails so make your subject line so compelling that they stir such a sense of curiosity or excitement that they must be opened. For example, you don’t want your subject line to simply read “Day Five.” You want it to read something like “Stop Indoor Puppy Presents Forever!” This subject line promises the reader that you have a solution to their problem and they will be more willing to open it.

Create a Strong Closing

At the end of each day’s lesson, include a link back to your site or sales page where the reader can purchase your products. Your closing is an important part of the course and you should close with more than the perfunctory “For more information, click here.” Instead, create unique closes for each day’s lesson that compel the reader to at least visit your site. Try something like “We know how difficult it can be to incorporate puppy training into your busy day. For more tips on making this experience easier to bear, visit your link here.”

Making sure your ecourses offer solid information, creating compelling email subject lines, and strong closes will help to ensure that this promotional strategy is a winning strategy for you.