There's no denying the value of good Private Label Right products. When you are trying to build an online business, PLR can be a real lifesaver, especially if you are just starting out and have limited resources.

You would be amazed at the different kinds of PLR products there are out there. Here a just a few of them.

PLR Articles

Probably the most common types of PLR products are PLR articles. Writing a batch of ten articles yourself would take hours. Buying a batch of articles from a ghostwriter can cost $10 or more per article. But you can buy a batch of ten PLR articles for just $10, or even less. And you can use them to quickly and easily fill your website or blog with content.

PLR Ebooks

Having your own information product to sell is one of the fastest, easiest ways to make money online. But what if you don't want to write an ebook from scratch? Well, that's where PLR ebooks come in.

You can take a PLR ebook, change it slightly, add a little extra to make it unique more personal and unique, and then sell it for a profit.

Even if you aren't interested in selling your own product just yet, a PLR ebook can still come in handy. You can use it to build your mailing list, another great way to build your online business.

PLR Auto-Responder Series

Speaking of mailing lists, having a responsive mailing list of loyal subscribers is a great way to make money online. You can use your list to promote products, whether they are affiliate products or products you've created yourself.

But, between product promotions, you want to give your subscribers interesting and informative content. Content that will keep them subscribed to your mailing list.

Sending your mailing list two or three informative messages a week can seem a little daunting. Unless you use PLR content. With a PLR auto-responder series, all you have to do is add the messages to your auto-responder, decide how often those messages will be delivered to your subscribers, and you're set.

PLR Software

PLR software is one of the rarest types of PLR products. And, when you stumble across them, you should take note. PLR software products are great mailing list builders. Why? Well, many people are used to being offered free ebooks in exchange for joining a mailing list. And ebooks are certainly still effective freebies. But being offered a software product is much more unique, and might get noticed by those who have grown immune to free ebook and short report offers.

There are great PLR products available in just about any niche you can imagine. And, once you find them, you can quickly put them to work building your online business.