Online sales make up a specific form and field of business. Like any other business, in order to succeed invested individuals need to have a business plan and a strategy. Digital sales can require specific strategies, especially if individuals do not want to spend much money on the products they are selling. Here are some great tips to help individuals who are content with assuming a ‘poor man’s’ approach to digital sales and online businesses offering digital products.

Selling digital items online is easy if you know how to do it. If you already own a regular website, this process costs very little and is not very complicated. Here are the steps to do so:

1 – Create a directory on your website which is password protected and therefore secure. If you are not sure how to do this, you can get all the information you need from your specific website hosting service provider. Almost all service providers will allow for this creation and it shouldn’t be too much trouble to set up, even if you do have to call to get directions to accomplish the task.

2- Once the directory is created, make up a random name of numbers and letters.

3 – Give the directory a username and a password which is equally as random. Again, make both of these a mix of letters and numbers.

4 – When these things have been created, upload all of the digital products you are hoping to sell. Once the product has an understandable name, end the file name with a mix of letters and/or numbers.

5 – Create a link to PayPal to receive payments when individuals choose to purchase your digital offerings.

6 – You will receive a PayPal e-mail which lets you know that someone has purchased your product. At this time, you will send the purchaser an email which has already been prepared with the website, username and password information inside. It is important to include a request not to pass on the username and password information being offered. While some people may be willing to go behind your back and pass this information around, only a minimal number of people are likely to do this. Even further, if you kindly ask others not to do this, many will honor your request. In total, most store owners will not lose much business due to fraud; those who steal are not likely to legitimately make such purchases even if they hadn’t stolen the product.

The random letters and numbers are important to make the files more secure and less accessible to random strangers on the Internet. These details also give the illusion of a unique URL which has been machine-generated. It may be helpful for store owners to occasionally change the name of the directory, as well as the user name and the password associated with it. While this poor man’s approach is not ideal for high volume digital sales, it is a great way for businesses and individuals to get started when it comes to digital products.