If you run a home based business, you might discover at some point that you need to move your ‘office’ somewhere else, even for a short period of time. It is proven that some people have a hard time expanding their businesses working from home, simply because there are too many distractions and disruptive elements around. Home based businesses can be really lucrative and their concept is definitely attractive, but the temptations are just too many.

You might find yourself tempted to watch something that is on the TV. Maybe your favorite TV program is on, or something you like is on the re-runs. It is absolutely normal to have a hard time focusing on your work when you are at home, because it’s a very familiar place, that doesn’t allow you to think unidirectionally. Especially when your wife or partner is around, or your kids want to play, it is really difficult to keep your home business away from home.

If you have trouble succeeding at home, then you should consider a few things that can dramatically change the course of your business. For instance, you can transform your garage or guestroom into an office. You will still be at home, but away from ‘home’. Try to use a particular part of the house as an office. If possible restrict entrance to kids and your spouse, unless it is absolutely necessary.

If your home based business grows enough, you might need to move your business into an office space, especially if you have to hire a couple more persons to work with you. Creating an office environment the way you want it, may sound a little too official, but in fact it is a good idea. You can isolate yourself, and deal with business frustration there. It is far better to do so outside the house, rather than conversing with your kids about your work problems and anxiety. One of the serious disadvantages of working at home is that people cannot separate their time and thoughts. They tend to bring tension to their family, simply because they do not have the space and time to unwind.

If that is not possible though, you might need to have a serious conversation with your spouse and kids. Allowing you some time for yourself, so that you can deal with work and do your best for its expansion, is something that you may require to do. Your family should support your efforts and your dream. If that requires leaving you in peace a few hours per day, then you need to discuss about it.

You should also be able to convince yourself to focus. Move all distractive objects away from your working space; TV, radio, fridge etc. You should be able to focus on your job and your business only. This is a mental game. If you make up your mind, you can most certainly do it.