IBM offers a superb Administrative Support online, which gives complete information on contracts, invoices, payments and a host of invaluable information for customers. The IBM Customer Support is free of charge and the administrative services offered online are indeed a great help for the customers for their administrative needs.

The internet sites of IBM are being constantly updated, which is a common feature in all internet sites. There are three online sites which provide up-to-date information, and they are Customer Support Online, Invoices Online and Statements Online. The Customer Support online is available 24/7 and provides direct support through predefined web e-forms. The customer can get administrative information personally through phone as well.

The Customer Support for Invoices Online is also available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The customer can view his invoices and credit notes online and the method is quick and secure. You need a personal user id and password to access the invoices online. Besides, each customer receives constant information via e-mail every time a new invoice or a credit note is issued. When he receives the message, he can view the invoice or credit note online.

The same procedure is followed for Statements online. The customer support at IBM helps the customer to view his statements of accounts online. All the necessary information is attached to it, like invoices, credit notes and details of payment made or pending. Again the customer requires a personal user id and password to access the site, which is accessible for 24 hours. Through Statements online the user can create a report of a particular kind of invoice, for example Maintenance, Education, etc based on a certain period of time.

The IBM Customer Support can help the user to get in touch with a dedicated team of subject matter experts by phone or by fax. There are several other free additional services offered to their customers.

Telephone numbers are available for customers for other useful information. For hardware support, especially if there is a problem post sales on IBM hardware, or even software support, specific telephone numbers are available and can be contacted at any time. There is a special unit for Lenovo PC support which deals in ThinkPad notebooks, ThinkCentre desktops and servers.

There is a separate Hard disk drive customer support, software license keys, or there is also a separate unit for purchasing IBM parts. The Customer Support Online Team has dedicated professionals who can support their customers and help and answer any queries that come from them.