What is viral marketing? Viral Marketing is when you share something you enjoyed and pass it on to someone you think would enjoy it. Here is an example of something that is viral because it is funny and something you can share with the family.

Aaron Wilburn--Krispy Kremes, Men And Women, and Funny Names

Viral Marketing Tips:
1) Before you try and sell someone a product make sure that the person you are selling the product to recognizes your name.
The first email you should send should be an email introducing yourself and before you introduce any products that you are selling you should be asking permission to add the prospective customer to your list. If you just send out an email to someone and they haven't asked to be on your list then you don't have a qualified lead because the person may not be interested in what you are selling. If you send out an email and ask permission to send some information on your wonderful products to that person, you might be surprised to find that by asking permission that your prospective customer will be more open to the information you are sending to them.

2) Most people don't want to be sold on buying a product! There have been discussions on which sells better a long sales letter or a short sales letter? Most marketers would opt for the long sales letter but most customers will only read the headline and then jump down to the bottom to see if the product is within their budget. Then most people if the product is something they can afford will lightly scan the bullets to see if your product is something that might be useful to them.

3) The email must have an attention getting headline or it will not be read! There are some marketers that believe that if they tell their life story to the customer... the customer will like them more and then buy from them because they know more about them as a person. As much as we'd like to read every email, you'd probably not open an email that says "Look what I did on my vacation in the Bahamas" as quickly as you would that said, "Free Product Download To My Valued Subscribers!"

It is just a fact of life that we want to know as customers "What's in it for me?"

You will find that offering a discount is not as appealing as getting something for free. When building a relationship with someone it is better to give... then receive.. for at least the first six emails.  The reason for this is that if you are not on the customer's wave length then they can forever delete you from their email list.

4) So what if you don't have a free product to give to your customer?  If you are bringing them to your website you might write an article and at the bottom of the article grant the reader permission to reproduce the article on their website. Most people sell their products with a free introductory newsletter that your customer can sign up for. The newsletter highlights what they will be getting when they buy your product and every link at the bottom of your newsletter should lead back to your product sales page. If you'd like to see what a newsletter email autoresponder series looks like then sign up for a product newsletter at one of my sites at http://www.debstgeorge.com/AboutUs.htm

5) Your Sales Page should have an Attention Getting Headline....bullets should clearly outline all the benefits of the product... most marketers offer a guarantee of satisfaction or their money back within a certain time period (30-90 days)... and their should be a closing statement with instructions on how to Buy The Product and what will happen when they've purchased the product. Will there be a digital download or will the product be send through the mail? Most closers forget to ask for the order! There's no point to the sale page if you don't ask your customers to BUY NOW!

 Happy Viral Marketing!