MLM is a marketing technique that involves building a team of affiliates, marketing the product that you are marketing too. There will come a point when you will never have to push the product again because someone somewhere is doing the selling for you and every time any one of your affiliates makes a sale you get a commission too, without doing anything at all.

There are basically two types of MLM leads. One is called the unqualified lead and the other; you guessed it, a qualified lead. The unqualified lead is someone you spoke to about the product you are trying to sell but he or she is not really interested in. These people could be anyone you met, in the coffee shop, on the street or in a bus. If they are not interested in buying the product or service but they still took your contact information from you, they are added to the list of unqualified leads. If they were not even interested in taking your contact details then they are not leads at all and should not be thought of anymore.

If an unqualified lead takes your details there is a chance the lead can convert at a later date. However, this is not always the case. Most people take your details just to humor you or to get you off their back. A qualified lead is someone who has decided to make contact with you by requesting some information through email or phone or any means. This lead could also be someone who has decided to buy something from you. However, even qualified leads are quite difficult to convert to customers. A person who signs up with you and requests information about the product may opt out and decide not to buy. So closing a deal is quite a task at times.

A good way to market through MLM is to generate opt-in leads for the product.

Opt-in MLM leads is nothing but giving a person the opportunity to opt into the program. There is no forcing or selling involved in opt-in leads. Anyone who is opting into the program is doing so on his or her own free will. This is a method of getting prospective people interested in your MLM to opt-in to the system where by they get a news letter or updates of the program from time to time by opting to receive these updates. When they sign up for your opt-in program you can contact them from them to time to try and convince them to join through well written sales letters and news letters.

Opt-in MLM programs must always have an opt-out facility to respect a person’s privacy; sometimes it is mandatory by law.