With the growth of ecommerce via the internet there is growing awareness both among the buyers and the merchants about making the net an even safer place to do business. This is mainly due to the fact that with the growth of web based transactions there emerged innumerous cases of fraudulent practices, sales of replicas, misuse of credit cards, bank accounts and misappropriation of cash. Although certain effective steps have been taken to stop such malpractices and wide misuse of net transactions, it is still not sufficient to stop the racketeers from swindling money from unwary web buyers. Thus, Google brought out its unique Google Checkout for assisting the web purchaser and preventing them from becoming victims of fraud.

Google Checkout is a recent arrival and one of the better known financial organizations PayPal had been in the market with a vast network in almost all major countries. Hence, when the Google Checkout was introduced to the web there were rumors that it was going to be a direct competitor of PayPal. However, things turned to be somewhat different as Google Checkout’s main aim was to provide complete anonymity to the purchaser’s credit card or debit card or bank account.

Google Checkout out is rather quite simple and one only has to click on the shopping cart icon on the Google website. In case a person is still not sure he may gather information from the Google Checkout website. To start with, one can shop for any items that are available only at the participating stores. Then after dropping all items in the shopping cart and completing ones purchase the person can click on the Google Checkout button. A person wishing to purchase through the Google Checkout method needs to fill up a form giving the details of his debit card, credit card or bank account. Under no circumstance does Google disclose the identity of your card or bank account to the merchants. In fact, the Google stands as guarantee between the buyer and the seller. It has clear cut policies to refund your money in case of fraud, but the same should be reported to Google within 60 days.

However, Google Checkout is for one time transactions between the purchaser and the seller of the merchandise. It also do not allow stored fund to be used for future transactions. In case of PayPal this is quite possible. Again, Google Checkout does not allow payment of fund from person to person and this is easily done through PayPal. In spite of that it is emerging as a good user friendly option for web shoppers who want some protection for their hard earned money. No doubt it is adding new merchants who likewise wish to keep their goodwill and want genuine buyers.