Electronic mail is also known as e-mail, email, E-Mail or eMail. Email is the means of communicating text based messages via digital communication systems. Today email systems are based on a method where an electronic message is stored and then forwarded to an individual, business or company. This is done through a computer server system that accepts the messages and then forwards the message electronically to the recipient. Transferring of the electronic messages literally takes seconds but if traffic is heavy or if the email server is down, it may takes minutes or hours or the message may not go through at all. When email was first introduced in the early 1980’s, it was not as advanced as it is today. In the beginning, email was only texting a message composed of characters but today, other forms of media can be sent such as attachments, video clips and audio clips.

The correct spelling of email varies. The most commonly used ones are email and e-mail. Both are correct forms to use. Basically how an email is composed and sent it that the recipients’ email address is entered in the To line. You can also CC which basically means you can copy the message and send to other people. You have the option to blind copy as well which is where the recipients email address is not shown. This helps protect the person’s email if you are sending to multiple recipients. Then in the body of the email, you enter you message and hit the send button. Her email carrier uses SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol to send the message to the recipient. The message goes through an MTA which stands for Mail Transfer Agent and this is usually run by the sender’s Internet Service Provider. The MTA makes sure that the email is valid and written in the correct format. Normally an email is written such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The first part of the email is the username and then there is the @ sign followed by the domain name. If everything is okay, the email is sent and the recipient picks it up when he next logs into his email account.

A typical email consists of a header and the body. The header consists of the From field, the To field, the Subject line and the Date. Other parts of the header include BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), CC (Carbon Copy), Content Type which is how the message is to be displayed, In-Reply-To, Received, References and Reply-To.

Some terms used when referring to various types of email include flaming which is sending angry emails. People tend to do this more because emails are not done face to face so people can be as mean as they care to. Email fatigue is known when a user ignores a huge number of email messages because they don’t have time to read them all.