Creating your short and long-term goals will provide you with a roadmap to success. Keep these tips in mind when creating your goals.

1. Visualize your goal and success of the long-term ultimate goals – plant it firmly in your mind as you begin creation of the actions required.

2. Evaluate and consider your resources, skills, and abilities. Determine where there may be a lack of ability or skills and determine how to compensate for this deficit.

3. Make sure the actions are clear and concise. Break them down into smaller steps for greater success.

4. Use positive words in your actions and steps. Positive-thinking has a powerful impact on our ability to succeed. A “self-fulfilling” prophecy, which means we become what we think we can become, is important to remember when creating a goal setting worksheet.

5. Use affirmative words in action plans. Don’t say “I think I will complete the research by March 15”, or “I want to…..”. Instead, use affirmative statements such as “Complete the market research on potential niche products by March 15.”

6. Create relevant actions that will help you achieve your goals.

7. Monitor your actions and deliverables frequently.

8. Create ticklers or calendar alerts to remind you of pending due dates. Don’t wait until the action is due to evaluate progress.

9. Set reminders on your calendar or email to remind you to accomplish certain actions or steps along the way. It’s impossible to keep track of everything in your head and this can sabotage your efforts if you don’t have an organized plan to manage actions towards goals.

10. Plan the necessary steps towards your ultimate goals and monitor them frequently!

Creating a goal setting worksheet is a tremendous asset to you in your professional goal setting strategy and creating your online or offline business. It gives you the tools, steps, and actions needed to succeed. Once you have a clearly defined goal setting worksheet with achievable, challenging action steps, you’ll be on your way to entrepreneurial success!