If you are tired of dealing with scam websites which keep robbing you off your money in the name of affiliate marketing, there are several other ways of earning money online. The sad truth is that not all of them work. Most of them turn out to be real scams. The others do deliver results, but not too impressive.

What are e-books?

So how does an individual, looking for interesting ways to earn money online conjure up some quick bucks? Well the latest in the ever changing world of the online world is the concept of creating and selling e-books. Getting down to the basics, e-books can be best described as online books which can be distributed over the net.

A large number of people are waking up to the popularity of blogging and earning handsome remunerations. Most of the individuals can only think of a humble ‘.pdf’ document when it comes to e-books. However apart from that, it is also important to take note of certain crucial factors before an individual actually sits down to make an e-book and tries to sell it.

An individual needs to ascertain why they need to create an e-book in the first place? Secondly, which is the medium that they would like to use? Also will it be beneficial to take its copyrights and other related information.

E-books versus printed books

Though e-books are still immensely popular, truth be told, they are a weak substitute in comparison of real books. This is the reason why one should only invest in creating an e-book if it contains some information which will not be easily available in books printed so far. Moreover, since e-books are easier to share and distribute, one can have the ease to create consumers for them from all over the world.

Apart from this, it is extremely easy to add up illustrations and even sound and video clips within the e-book, a feature which is definitely not available in regular printed books.

In case an author discovers that they have way too many sounds and videos, they can also choose to release a CD-ROM along with their e-book. Apart from added remunerations from the CD, this will also help to popularize the book in a better manner.

Being able to sell the book successfully is as important as marketing it in the right manner. E-books are easier to publicize on the net and easy on the pocket, as compared to advertising a regular book in the newspaper. Most of the individuals tend to take only those authors seriously who have their books published on dead tree material. This is the reason why it always helps to try and get a publisher or self publish the online book for better sales.

Today, there are numerous freelance writers and copywriters working endless hours online trying to make some good money. Especially since the economy is in bad shape, everyone seems to be struggling to make more money and stretch their rime to the maximum to do so.

Freelance writing can be daunting, but can also be quite compensating if you know what to do and where to work. If you are a freelance writer you need to make sure that you still get some enjoyment from what you are doing. Writing is not easy, especially when it is not done for recreational and pleasure reasons. Burnout is one of the main problems that freelance writers have to deal with. They do have their ups and downs, simply because no one can be equally productive at all times. When you do such a mentally exhausting job, it is expected to have some low performance levels occasionally.

There are some freelance writing websites available today that allow you to write about things you like and actually make some money at the same time. Helium and Suite 101 are two of them. Suite 101 will ask you to fill a form and send a CV before starting writing. If you get accepted you can start writing some articles and generate some good income from that. Helium on the other hand, allows you to write some articles on your interests and subjects you like. They have to be informative and slightly entertaining, depending on the subject of course, but in any case you can make some money. It’s not going to be impressive, but it’s definitely something you should consider. It can be a really good side income.

If you live in the US, you should definitely check eHow.com. It is a website that allows you to post how-to’s articles and get paid for that. eHow has a nice compensating system, giving you more money for the articles that receive good comments and are more appreciated by the users and readers. You can write fun articles, for instance, how to organize a cocktail party and get some money for that. It’s not bad, is it? If you are in the US, give it a try and you won’t regret it.

Today.com is also something that you could check. It is a website that allows you to post blogs. They pay $1 for every 100 words and it can be a good source of income if you write often. Writing about things that interest you and actually getting paid for that, is the dream of every freelance writer. Meeting goals and writing at the same time can be quite hard and tiring, so you need to make sure that you get some fun with your craft from time to time.