Of all the online auction websites that exist today, eBay still remains the king of internet sales. It is a win win situation for both buyers and sellers as everyone can benefit from great prices and great sales. eBay is a truly great way to make money online, even though many people consider it to be just a way to get rid of unwanted things, used or new.

For some people eBay is a great money making avenue. There are a large number of businesses that actually make money on eBay today, setting up eBay stores. Some people claim that they became millionaires by selling things on eBay, but even if that is not the case, the facts prove that some people made more than a good living online this way.

If you set up an eBay store, your earning potential is practically endless. The great advantage of eBay is that people can find whatever they want. Some people even believe that if something is not on eBay, then it doesn’t exist. That is why there are so many stores on eBay and so many individuals who do business making some decent money. If you own things that are in good shape, even if they are used, then you can sell them online. Nothing is junk, as long as you can promote it and sell it for the right amount of money.

Starting on eBay is easy. You obviously need a computer and an internet connection, as well as a digital camera so you can take pictures of your items. Setting up your account is also fast and easy and takes just a couple of minutes. Once you finish with the formalities you can follow the ‘how to sell’ guide on eBay that will take you step by step to selling your items. You will need to provide a complete description of your items and add a picture. Try to be honest and informative. Keep in mind that people will leave a feedback for you, so the better your feedback is, the higher chances you have of doing business with more people. If you don’t invest on building good rapports with your clients you cannot expect to make money on eBay.

If you don’t know what to sell, here are some good ideas for you. Check garage sales and estates sales. Some people are selling things that are quite valuable, at very low prices. You can buy something for 10$ and sell it for 20$, which can be a great mark up. Estate sales can also prove to be something like a goldmine, because there you can find antiques, historic items and collectibles, which are, generally, sold for good money.

Do not underestimate the power of research and the power of sales potentials. This is how you can thrive on eBay.