Internet marketers at all stages of the game have much to benefit from by selling resell rights products. You may not be aware of how great these products really are when it comes to building your business. Hopefully, after reading this you will have a better overall picture of how selling resell rights products can be a much bigger tool than traditional affiliate marketing or almost any other method of marketing online.

General resell rights give you permission to resell the products you've purchased, or have been given to you, for a profit. The beauty of this arrangement is that you get to keep 100% of the profit. This is already better than affiliate marketing where you are only allowed to keep a small percentage of the sales that are made through your links. This allows you to bring in bigger profits much more quickly than you would be able to with traditional affiliate marketing and increases your earning potential by a rather large margin—especially if you have a great deal of resell rights products that you can arrange into an attractive package that is competitively priced.

Master resell rights allow you not only to sale the rights for usage to others but also the resell rights to other marketers that are looking for products to market to their lists. The price tag for products that provide master resell rights is generally larger than those that are for usage only rights or even resell rights but the benefits, in many cases, are well worth it because this will increase the marketability of the products that you are considering.

Some other benefits that you might want to consider include the fact that there is no middleman or wait time to receive your money. Many affiliate programs require you to wait a certain amount of time before they pay out for products. Some are as long as 45 days after the sale before you actually receive the money you've earned.

As if this isn't benefit enough you also do not have to reach a minimum payment threshold in order to receive the funds. This means that you are free to reinvest the money towards your goal of growing your business as soon as you make your sale. You do not have to wait until you've earned $100 or even $25 (depending on how you have your shopping cart or payment acceptance program set up). You can elect to receive your money as you earn it which is a huge benefit to many Internet marketers—especially as they are building their businesses.

When you look at the benefits of selling reseller rights products over affiliate marketing it is a wonder that anyone chooses another method for doing business online.