Are you struggling to make those first sales that will launch your business to the success you know is possible with resell rights products? Many marketers know, without a doubt, that there is money to be made in resell rights products. Lots of money to be made when it comes down to it. The problem is getting your hands on some of that money—especially with the strength of the competition you may be facing.

There are several different approaches you can use to actually sell the research rights packages you work so hard to put together. Consider some of the marketing efforts below or a combination of all the marketing possibilities below to enjoy genuine success with resell rights products.

1) Article marketing. This is an excellent way to optimize your landing pages for the search engines and to drive even more traffic to these landing pages. You can also use your article marketing efforts to “pre qualify” and “pre sell” your audience. What this will mean is that your audience is in the mood to purchase before they even get to the landing page. That's good news for you and your potential profits.

2) Social networking. Web 2.0 is not the wave of the future. It is the one tool you must have in your arsenal if you want your resell rights efforts of today to be successful. If you've been fighting the trends tooth and nail it's time to give in and embrace your inner social butterfly. Twitter, FaceBook, and MySpace are the friends of the Internet marketer. Make sure you have them working for you.

3) Customer service. You have no idea how sadly lacking good customer service seems to be on the World Wide Web. Good customer service is not antiquated or outdated. It's good business and should be the basic building block for all businesses. Brush up on your customer service skills and make sure that you are putting them to work every time you deal with an existing or potential customer. Just so you know, that includes just about everyone on the web. Providing quality customer service from the very beginning will win over loyal customers for you time and again. See what it can do for you.

While there are many who would have you believe that there is some big bold mystery involved in making money online it comes down to a few basic principles. Once you've nailed down the principles, iron out the details and you should be raking in the profits. The real secret to making money selling resell rights is to actually take action in your efforts to sale these products.