The name of the game when it comes to Internet marketing for many is rights. There are all kinds of rights products available. In fact, there are so many that it might actually make your head spin. Of course your days of trying to sift through the information and misinformation found online are over—at least when it comes to the differences between private label rights and resell rights.

Resell rights are often mistake for private label rights. It is important that you understand that this is not the case. Failing to do so can put you in violation of the contract you agreed to upon assignment of those rights and can cause you to lose faith with your audience. Credibility is tough to generate on the World Wide Web. Guard it carefully so that you are not at risk of letting your audience and your business prospects down.

Resell rights give you the rights to resell the products to others as is. It generally costs a little extra to purchase resell rights rather than simply buying the product for personal use but if it is a product you know you will be able to believe in and market to others can prove to be an important decision. The thing to remember is that you cannot make changes to the products you are reselling (with the exception of rare instances where you are given permission to do just that though this is often referred to as PLR rather than simple RR).

You cannot add your name as the author, take credit for the work or change the links so that they point to your affiliate pages. What you can do though is make a nice tidy profit from selling the product, as a whole, to others.

Private label rights on the other hand give you permission to make changes, leave it as it is with no changes as all, claim it as your own, or cut it up and use only bits and pieces of it for personal use or whatever you want, within the confines of the agreement. Private label rights give you the most power over what ultimately is done with the rights you have received.

When you have PLR rights it is best to use them for personal use or edit them heavily and repackage them if your desire is to sell the product as your own. It can go a long way towards building credibility and creating your own personal brand when you take PLR products and make them your own. Of course there is no reason that you can't combine your usage of PLR and resell rights for a wider list of options that are available to you.