While some of the products you may create will cost you nothing but a huge amount of time, and maybe even some blood, sweat, and tears, you will undoubtedly pour money into other creations with the hope of recouping your investment in addition to a tidy profit. Before you can accurately price your products, you’ll need to consider how much they have cost you to create. Just as the cost of baking a cake can be arrived at by adding up the cost of all the ingredients, you may have several different types of cost to consider before you can arrive at the accurate amount of your initial investment.


What is your time really worth anyway? How do you go about placing a dollar value on your time? Some Internet marketers like to be able to measure their work by earning so much per hour while others like to earn so much per job. However, if all you put into a job is essentially time and hard work, how do you gauge the value of the work? These are questions you will need to answer as you go about figuring the pricing of a product that involves a great deal of time. However, there are other expenses to consider as well.


Even though you may be working from your own home you still have overhead to consider. You may or may not have any employees to pay but you most likely have a mortgage payment or rent, and utilities to consider. You might even be paying for the equipment you use to do your job so all of this must be taken into consideration when you set your prices for your products.

Sometimes, you may set your price in such a way in order to get some quick cash. Other times, you may be more interested in obtaining and retaining long term customers. It’s important to realize that your prices may change as your own needs change so you will want to be aware of your present goals when you price your products.


Now if you have laid out cold, hard cash to produce your products, you most certainly need to recoup your investment plus make a profit on top of that. When this is the case, you might decide to go with a simple markup pricing protocol. That just means you take your cost and mark the product up a certain percentage over cost in order to arrive at the final price. There really is no certain markup standard; some Internet marketers mark up their products as much as 100% or more; others only mark them up a small percentage. One thing is for sure; there is no sure thing when it comes to pricing your products and you will most likely need to test any system you decide to use to make sure it is the best pricing protocol for you and your customers.