One time offers are a great way to market to your email list. You might be offering the same product as usual but for a special one time price, today only. Or you might bundle a free product with your regular offerings and offer that to the recipients on your list at no extra charge one time only. One of the so-called secrets of successful marketing is employing a sense of urgency in your marketing efforts. Brick and mortar retailers use this strategy all the time to encourage hordes of shoppers to attend their “one day sale.”

You don’t necessarily have to market to a list to promote a one-time offer. You can simply create a sales page and promote it in other ways to capitalize on a one-time offer. A word of caution: when you advertise a one-time offer, make sure that you stick to your own terms in your advertisement. If your one-time offer is for one day only then make sure you take it down after one day or you will lose credibility with customers and potential customers.

Most Internet marketers are familiar with the Warrior Forum and if you’re not, you should be. This is one of the Internet’s highest esteemed places where Internet marketers gather to share ideas and promote their products. In fact, members who have made a certain number of posts and have become genuine members of the community can participate in “special offers.” This is where a member offers a product or service for a special price for a limited amount of time. The idea is to give other members a special deal so you would not offer something in this thread at your regular price but at a deeply discounted price.

Hold Your Own Special Event

Of course, you can hold your own special event whenever you like on your terms simply by creating a special product at an attractive price or discounting a product or service you already offer. Some Internet marketing gurus have made thousands of dollars in one weekend by offering some of their best products at deeply discounted rates. The key to this kind of success, though, is to already have a reputation built up not only of yourself, but of your products so that when you offer a special rate or hold a special event that others realize the value of your sale. They realize the value because they are familiar with your regular prices and also because they know your reputation and they realize the offer really will be pulled at the time you say it will.