Are you concerned that your child isn't participating in groups the way he or she should? If this sounds familiar, perhaps investing in a team building activity or two will help boost your child's confidence and give the child the knowledge he or she needs to behave in a group. Whether your child is chronically shy or simply doesn't know the basics of group behavior, a team building activity is an ideal way to establish these lessons early in life.


What sort of team building activity should you consider? You don't have to be a professional seminar speaker to get a group motivated. All you need is the right sequence of events to get the fun started. Most team building activity seminars begin with ice breaking games. These are games that help those within the group get to know one another. These include name memory games, call and response games, and more. These games are also great for getting the group riled up and ready for fun.


Once your group has rudimentary knowledge about the people within it, it's time to move on to physical activities. These include games such as group tag, tug of war, group blind man's bluff, catching games, relay races, and more. These games allow the group to think on their feet and realize the importance of leadership, teamwork, organizational skills, grace under pressure, problem solving, and discussion.


Keep in mind, however, that a physical team building activity is not meant to overly pressure the group. These should be gentle games, with no high stakes involved. The goal in mind should be something fun and lighthearted. If a mistake occurs and the group can't meet that goal, try holding a discussion on how they can otherwise reach the goal or make a new one instead of singling out any one person.


Another fun team building activity consists of mental games. These include games such as telephone, memory games, rhyming games, group storytelling, and more. You can also include a session in which everyone in the group confesses a fear or describes their favorite food. These games not only inspire creativity, but they also encourage communication, empathy, courage, and public speaking.


While these skills may not seem like a lot now, a team building activity session is something that will stick with them for years to come. These are not just skills to develop for school—they are also invaluable in the workplace as well. Learn more today about how a team building activity session can enhance how your child learns and interacts with others!