If you have something that interests you, no whatever that is, the chances are that it will interest someone else, and that could be your potential market for an information product.

There are a lot of advantages to creating or becoming an affiliate for information products which are within your areas of interest:

The chances are, it has an audience

You will know something about the topic so you are in a good position to either create information products yourself or to judge whether an affiliate product is worthy of your promotion

You will be knowledgeable in the way you promote the product so people will see you as an expert and have faith in you so they are more likely to buy the information product from you

You will be motivated to work hard at maximizing the sales of the information product.

Creating or selling information products that are within your areas of interest is basically niche marketing. From finding this niche you will know needs not already met and for which there is an audience for your information product. That should be your target on which to base your information product.

How do you know find these niches?

There are a couple of great websites you can look at to find a niche you create customer loyalty, so be realistic about what you can do well and make the most of this potential to create a business around selling information products:



You should do a keyword search in both of these websites (which are free) in order to determine how potentially profitable the niche you are interesting is and which words you should optimize your information product and its website for to appeal to them – because you will know from these websites exactly what people are searching the internet for. You’ll know what they want you to be able to do for them.

Find out what information products and other products your target market are already buying so you can see where your information product fit in with these already available products and services.

A Google keyword search will easily show you the most popular websites optimized for whatever keywords relate to your information products, and it will show you – obviously – what gets a ranking on their coveted first page of searches; you could really do with the website from which you sell your information product being up there on Google’s first page, so take careful note of your competitors’ websites and what got them to this position. You can learn a lot from studying the ‘enemy’.

Lastly – have a look at a really useful website which you may not have heard of before now – that is www.alexa.com . This latter website ranks every single website that exists on the internet from one to however many websites there are – a lot! You can search in your particular field of interest and find if there are any niches not yet being catered for – or at least those ones which are being catered for by very few websites, where you think you can do a better job than your competitors are doing. That may be your niche in which to target your information products.

Find a niche where there are not too many websites already – or find a specific sub-niche within that area that you could target your online business at.