Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to make money on the internet these days. This method also works very well if you want to make money through selling information products. You can work it both ways – either you can write or acquire information products and find affiliate partners to market it for you, or you can search for information products that you want to promote and for which you can earn a percentage of sales that you bring in.

Either way, you would be well advised to be picky about what products you become aligned to. Try to stick to a niche which you know something about and try to get yourself known as an expert in that area, to maximize your reputation in this area and thus maximize your sales.

Look for websites in your niche area which have a lot of traffic. Preferably look for websites that rank on the coveted first page of major search engine listings like Google,Yahoo and MSN.

These companies already have all the traffic you could want. If you contact them in the right way, they should be happy to let you access them for ‘free’; that is, no payment ‘up front’ Of course, you will have to agree to pay them a percentage of profits from your sales if they place ads for your information products on their pages. Usual profits to hand over are fifty per cent from downloadable goods like information products; that might sound a lot, but think about it – you don’t have to buy or make your own information products, necessarily; you don’t have to package them up; they’re almost pure profit.

So how do you find these people who are willing to embark on such joint ventures with you?

There are several ways to find them, but why mess with the other ways when you’re about to learn the two best ways?

First, simply search Google for the keyword that is the main topic of your information product. Then you visit a few of the top ranked sites. Have a good look around. You do this for two reasons:

To ensure you like the look and feel of the website and you are comfortable that it is a website that you would feel happy to have your product associated with or that you want to be an affiliate for.

You want to reassure your potential joint venture partner that you know something about their business if you are going to be an affiliate for their information product – enough to be able to comment upon specific things that you like about it. You don’t want to sound like some desperate spammer who is happy to be associated with just anyone. You want to make them feel special – like you want to be known alongside THEM in particular.

You can visit to find the highest ranked sites. This website ranks all other websites from one to well, millions! (‘One’ being the site with the most traffic.) Set yourself a realistic target and search for potential affiliate partners amongst the top two hundred thousand sites; that should give you enough high traffic sites within your niche area to find some really useful affiliate partners. will also show you the through traffic – what sites these sites link to and where their visitors go after leaving them. That will also show you other websites of interest to your potential customers. See? They practically do your preparation for you to embark upon joint ventures for your information product business. Bear in mind that these are also your potential competitors, so be careful not to do a straight copy of them. Remember your unique selling point – and play nicely with the other online businesses with whom you want to be affiliated, either way; you’ll be a lot more successful if you don’t look like you’re trying to steal their customers away!