If you are interested in selling information products, you can either:

Write your own articles and e-books and sell them in your online store at your own website

Buy the re-sell rights to someone else’s e-books and articles. This is quicker and easier but will of course cost you money initially.)

Promote other people’s e-books and articles on your site. Basically, this means you become their affiliate and have their links on your website.

Sell e-books on eBay – if you either buy the re-sell rights to other people’s products or if you write your own material for these e-books.

Most people think that to sell information products over the internet that you have to have your own website. That is an incorrect assumption. There are at least two great ways to sell information products without having your own website: eBay and affiliate marketing.


You could even build your whole online business around eBay. Tens of millions of people browse eBay every year, looking for all manner of products and even services – although eBay is less well known for selling information products. If you sell information products like e-books, you can get over the hassle of having to package your products and mail them off to customers. You just need to e-mail off all those e-books that people will be queuing up (in your inbox) to buy from you!

One note of caution, here, before you get carried away with how easy it is to sell information products this way: the fact is that people don’t often associate eBay with information products like e-books. You have to think laterally – like a buyer not a seller - but when you do, your potential market is massive. For instance – if you have written an e-book about diet, you should place your e-book under the health and fitness category; if you have written an e-book on ‘25 Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing’ for instance – then you should put your e-book in the sports category on eBay. That way, you’ll know that your e-book is targeted at an interested audience.

One other really clever trick if you’re not sure what to write your e-book about - is to check out the popular categories at eBay; eBay has a feature which allows you to see what the most popular searches are, so you can find out where your biggest potential market is and develop or buy a product to meet a need which that particular niche market has.

Affiliate Marketing

You can have a highly successful and lucrative online business just by you being an affiliate – promoting other people’s products. You can find what sorts of things people are selling online through Froogle – launched as you may expect, by internet giants Google; basically, it’s the world’s largest online shopping directory. You can find information products here too.

You can even do the otherwise impossible task of finding out what products NOBODY is selling – which might just be where your niche is for selling your own product.More likely, you will find out who your competitors are if you intend to sell goods or services online.

If your online business is going to be based upon affiliate marketing, though, you can easily find out what the high price information products are and from there you can decide what may be good affiliate partners to seek, based upon the product and what percentage you would get from sales as an affiliate marketer of this information product.