You should have this sales kit ready for whatever information product you are trying to sell, but it is even more important if you want to get affiliates to sell your info product for you. The easier your product is to sell, the more likely that people are to want to sell it for you, because the more money they will make – as well as you. But of course, you will also need this sales kit to advertise your information products yourself too. All a sales kit comprises of is a collection of tools to help to advertise your information product or to help others advertise it for you.

What should be included in a sales pack?


Articles are a great way to market your information products because GOOD articles put your product or service in context and show people how they meet a need they may have: maybe even a need that they didn’t realize they have. Also, if you are selling an information product, it is even more crucial that your articles are informative and well written.

If you have an affiliate partner, you may want to allow them to change the by-line at the bottom of the article; instead of an advertisement for your website, it will be changed to their own affiliate link to buy the information product.

This means your joint venture partners get a few good articles to promote their website or article directory and they get paid for any sale – and so do you. This is free advertising, effectively – because you’re not handing over any cash. Of course, this is also the case if you advertise by yourself, but you can’t spread your marketing quite as far this way.

Try to create four of five articles at the beginning.


These are the real power-house of marketing. Nothing helps you sell better than an endorsement straight from your clients or partners themselves. Therefore, you should write example endorsements – written from your affiliate’s or client’s point of view, so they can easily use them or at least adapt them; they won’t seem rude or pushy and you’ll be saving them a job with not having to write the endorsement themselves – so they’ll be more likely to give you the endorsement.

These endorsements can be used on your websites, in any paper marketing you do, and in e-mails and ezines to publicize your information products.


By these I mean ads that are not attached to an article. Bear in mind there are usually word limits for these advertisements. That can make them tricky to write – all the more reason for you to write them for your joint venture partners. Check out the lengths of ads allowed in the most common and popular ezines in your niche.

Try to get a really compelling headline for your advertisement that makes your information product sound like something people absolutely must have and the rest should follow much more easily – and don’t forget your ‘call to action’. If the people reading your advertisement don’t know what you want them to do – like where to go to buy your information product – you’ll have completely wasted your time.

Having a good sales kit like this ready to market a specific information product will really help you boost your own sales or get more sales through affiliate partners too.