What is the most important step to creating an information product? If you guessed that it's choosing a niche, you are absolutely right.

Imagine that two people spend the exact same amount of time creating an info product. Both products might be well written, and filled with great information. But it's the one the profitable niche that will sell like gangbusters, while the other will sit on the virtual shelf and barely get noticed.

So how do you choose the right niche for your product? Here are some tips.

It's Not About What You Love

Many people are drawn to creating info products by the idea that they can make money teaching others about something they love. But the truth is that not every topic you love will constitute a profitable niche. If you write an ebook telling people how to win at a game you are passionate about, but very few people have heard of, you are unlikely to sell very many copies. Not because your ebook isn't good but because there just aren't many potential customers for it.

If you have an interest that is in a profitable niche, like dog care, you should capitalize on it. Otherwise, look around and try to find profitable niches that you would be interested in learning more about. And creating good info products in.

Do Some Keyword Research

People who are trying to learn to do something better, or who want to find a solution to some pressing problem, often try to find the answers they need using search engines. And one way to find a profitable niche is by using a free keyword research tool to find out what people are searching for.

If you type a topic into a keyword research tool and it gets barely a few thousand searches a month, this probably isn't a niche you could sell lots of products in. On the other hand, if your topic is searched for millions of times a month, you are in business/

What Are People Talking About?

Another way to find a profitable niche is by studying the forums. People like to talk about their interests, problems and concerns. And if enough people are interested in the same topic, you can bet there will be plenty of message boards and discussion forums devoted to it.

So go to a search engine, like Google. Type in your topic of interest, along with the word "forum." If a nice number of forums devoted to that topic pop up, you've got yourself a potential niche for your info product. If not, you should keep searching.

Finding a good niche that is both profitable and you are interested in can be challenging. But, with a little effort, you will find a niche that will have your info product flying off the virtual shelves.

If you are interested in info product creation, you've probably heard more than one person say how important it is to over deliver. But what does that mean?

Well, when you "over deliver," you give the people buying your product a little extra. And the more the better. In other words, along with your main product, you create a few other good, related products to sweeten the deal and turn potential buyers into actual customers. And you can also throw in a few surprise bonuses, things your customers weren't expecting but are very happy to get. When you over deliver in this way, your customers will be happier and more satisfied. And more likely to buy info products from you again.

So how do you over deliver? Here are a few tips.

Start with an Ebook

This is where most people creating information products start. You want your ebook to be well-written and packed with good information. You also want it to be in a popular niche that has a lot of potential buyers.

Once you have written your ebook, start brainstorming ideas for other products you can create as supplements. The possibilities are almost endless.

Bonus Short Reports

Write a short report that in some way relates to the topic of your ebook. For example, if you've written an ebook about a weight loss system, you can write a report on ten ways to get the whole family to eat healthier, or ten ways to choose figure flattering outfits.

An Audio Bonus

An audio bonus can add greatly to the perceived value of your product. One great and easy to create audio product is an interview. Find an expert in your niche who would be willing to talk to you (maybe to promote their own product) and interview them. For the weight loss product used in the earlier example, you can interview someone, like a friend, or customer, who used your weight loss system to lose weight and get in shape.

A Video Bonus

While reading good information can be very helpful, many people absorb knowledge better when they see it in action. For example, if you've written an ebook about being a better golfer. You could do a video where you actually showed your buyers some of the techniques you used to improve your swing. Or, if you've written an ebook about how to build websites, you can do a video actually showing the process, step by step.

Info product creation isn't as difficult as many people think. However, it does take a bit of creativity and ingenuity. If you can find a way to over deliver, and give people more than they were expecting, you will quickly turn potential buyers into loyal, long-time customers.